November 2, 2016

Spiced Banana Bread

Spiced Banana Bread

There was a long period of my life where I would not get anywhere near a banana. In my mind, they were the most offensive food on the planet. As I got older and my palate expanded I slowly added bananas back into my diet. Sure they are great as a snack or sliced on cereal in the yogurt, but they really shine in baked goods.

November 1, 2016

Bow Blouse

A few weeks ago I talked about ruffle blouses, and now I am bringing you another feminine detail I love, the bow blouse. You can easily replace almost any button-down for a bow blouse. They play nicely with jeans for a more casual look or a skirt for work. I also love when they peek out of a dress or sweater. I prefer them in a crisp cotton so the bow stays sharp throughout the day. See below for 10 of my favorite cotton blow blouses. 


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