January 22, 2016

Keep Planning

I like to think I am a highly organized person, but my sock drawer would show otherwise. Although my closet is not always perfect, where I am organized is work. I plan out my days in advance, and am pretty old school with my organizing. I like to keep my days scheduled in a planner and use Google Calendar to make sure everything correlates. I think my need to write everything down goes back to writing in journalism school. I would start all of my articles on paper and later transcribe them on to my computer. 

I picked up this Rifle Paper Co Planner earlier in the year. There is a notes section in the front which I love, and every day has enough room to jot down important events. Plus, it is hard to misplace a print this bold and lovely. If you're a little behind on your 2016 planning I highly recommend this planner to keep you organized. If nothing else, this print will brighten up a gloomy winter day. 

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