December 31, 2015

Two Thousand Fifteen

Two thousand fifteen was a roller-coaster of a year for us. We rang in the New Year with friends in D.C., and then suffered through another bitterly cold winter filled frozen pipes and icy roads. Just when I though I could not survive another snowy day, spring finally came. May was a momentous month for us: Will finished his second year of law school, I quit my job in marketing, and we moved to Charleston, so Will could intern with a law firm there. 

Summer in Charleston was almost perfect. We ate our way around the city and lazed away our weekends on the beaches of Sullivan's Island. We were in Charleston during the attack on Mother Emanuel, but witnessing the community resiliency in the aftermath was a truly inspirational event.  After a Summer in Charleston, we spent time Hilton Head Island, and in the Fall, I finally made it to New York for a weekend of shopping, museums, and excellent food. 

Looking back, I've never experienced a year filled with more triumph and hardship. Making the decision to leave my full-time job to live with my husband in Charleston was one of the hardest decision I've ever made. But, I now know it was the best possible choice. I was able to spend the summer in my favorite city, and I am more than excited to call it home in 2016. 

Will is returning to his firm after graduation, which means we will be moving back to Charleston in August. Besides graduation and the big move, 2016 should have a lot more in store for us. We're planning a trip to Europe after Will takes the bar exam, and we will hopefully be getting another cat once we get settled in Charleston (fingers crossed!). This year was filled with a lot of personal and professional growth, and I am excited to see this hard work bear fruit in the coming year. Thank you to everyone who followed along in 2015. This blog would not be the same without your continued love and support. Below are a few of my favorite images for this past year. Cheers!

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