December 16, 2015

Christmas Tree Basket

I love to talk about how great my cat is, but she is still a cat and can be a real jerk. She is very passive-aggressive, and likes to take out her anger by peeing on our bed, and around the holidays our Christmas tree skirt. Two years ago, we had to throw away our tree skirt because we could not break her of this bad habit.

So last year we went skirtless, but without a skirt our tree did not look complete. I thought about buying one after Christmas on sale, but nothing jumped out at me. Behold: the Christmas tree basket. It is both functional and visually attractive. This give our tree a more rustic look, which compliments our trees natural shape perfectly. It slides easily over the tree stand, and is cat-proof. So, if you have a naughty feline in your life, or are looking for something different I highly suggest this wicker tree basket


  1. I saw someone else recently with one of those, and I'm totally considering one since my cats love drinking the tree water. Can you still easily water the tree with one of those?

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