August 26, 2015

Succulent Terrarium

After college I became obsessed with succulents. I spent many weekends browsing the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for inspiration and succulent care tips. I bought a few different varieties, planted them in a hurricane glass, and after a few months drowned them. I tend to be a little overzealous with watering. So after a few years off, I am giving succulents another try. I visited Fifth Season Gardening where I learned how to build a proper succulent terrarium and how to keep my succulents alive. See below for a few tips and how to create this succulent terrarium at home. 

Succulent Terrarium

Glass Container
Pea Gravel
Cactus/Succulent Soil
Assorted Succulents

1. Select a glass container with a wide opening so that succulents are able to breath easily and moisture does not collect.

2. Place a 2-3 inch layer of small rocks on the bottom of the container. Then, place a thin layer of pea gravel over the rocks, this will help with drainage.

3. Place a thick layer of cactus/succulent soil over the pea gravel. You want it to be deep enough so the roots are fully submerged. Create holes in the soil for assorted succulents. Arrange them however you please, but keep in mind that some succulents spread while others become taller.

4. Remove succulents from pots and break apart roots. Place succulents in pre made holes and secure in place by pressing soil firmly around the base. Repeat this process with remaining succulents.

5. Add any desired accents like rocks, gravel, or garden ornaments.


Place terrarium in sunny spot. Succulents like sunlight, but do not need to be in full sun. Placing the terrarium in indirect sunlight will be sufficient, like on a coffee table or dresser. If you are afraid they are not getting enough sunlight place outside for a few hours each day. Succulents are adapted to survives droughts so watering once a week until soil is moist is sufficient. Beware of over-watering which can kill succulents. Splurge on the cactus/succulent soil. It helps improve drainage and increases evaporation keeping your terrarium from becoming overly moist.

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