May 22, 2015

The Brow House

For years I've feared having my eyebrows waxed. I had two traumatizing experiences in high school where my skin was peeled off. Since then, I've stuck with tweezing. My friend Brooke recently open, The Brow House, a waxing salon in Charlottesville. She has the best brows, hands down. They are so perfectly full they make you question your own. So when she offered to do my brows and give me a few helpful tips I jumped on the chance to give waxing another try. 

Though she offers a multitude of waxing services, she is truly a brow expert. Not only her is waxing studio charming (who doesn't love a faux deer head), but she has years of experience and her cheerful nature that makes you feel immediately at ease. Below are a few of Brooke's tips for getting exactly what you want out of your next wax appointment. 

"Waxing is my specialty and has been for years. Its the old saying do one thing and it good! I also believe using high quality products makes a difference. I have a multitude waxes to fit different needs. Before I start any service, we have a consultation, if its your first wax or 20th with me. And I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make you more comfortable.

First we make sure you are candidate for waxing, i.e. are not using skin care you can not be waxed on, or have you had a problem waxing in the past. Then I want to know your 'brow history', when did you have them done last, do you like the shape, how would you like to see your brows, and any questions you have."

I had never felt so relaxed during a waxing. Brooke trained at the Aveda Institute and believes in using botanical ingredients, which I found to be very soothing on my sensitive skin. She ran a "test wax" first to make sure I was candidate for waxing. I passed the test and the waxing began.

She starts with a light massage and then dusts a fine powder around the eyebrows to protect the skin. The actual waxing is almost painless and I left with virtually no sign (unusual redness) that I had just been waxed. She then will pluck any hard to get hairs and do a quick brow trim. A cold compress is then placed over the brows for a cooling relief. Brooke will then fill in your brows, if necessary, and answer any questions.

"Put down the tweezers, and go see a professional brow artist. There is almost always something that can be done! Some times its growing them in... might take a while, but as I always say 'nobody regrets growing their brows in, the regret not doing it sooner.' And if worse comes to worse, practice using make up on your brows can look beautiful and natural when done right.

After you have found a 'brow professional' learn how to fill your brows in. Invest in the right products. And when you are tempted to go at them  yourself, its time to make an appointment! Plan ahead when you know you have an important event so you don't end up using your tweezers in haste!"


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