May 15, 2015

Spring Road Trip Playlist

We're off! We crammed two months worth of necessities into the back our Prius, along with our cat Ina, and we're hitting the road. Now we're off the Charleston with a few good tunes to get us there. 

Talking Backwards // Real Estate 
Feel Flows // The Beach Boys 
Wake Up // Arcade Fire 
Peace Like a River // Paul Simon 
Blue Moon // Beck 
Maps // Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
My Type // Saint Motel 
Graceland // Paul Simon 
Burning // The War On Drugs 
Step // Vampire Weekend 
Young, Wile & Free // Snoop Dogg 
Walkin on a Pretty Dat // Kurt Vile 
Drops In The River // Fleet Foxes 
Born to Run // Bruce Springsteen
All My Friends // LCD Soundsystem 

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