January 6, 2015

Another Year // 2015

January is a time of reflection and change for many people, especially me. As the New Year begins a new age is just around the corner. I've always cherished having a birthday so close to the holidays. It is a reason to continue the celebration that quickly disappears January 2nd.

This year marks a particularly momentous birthday: 25. I'm halfway through my twenties and halfway to 50, yikes. It was easy to let 24 slip by. After a few hectic years of graduating, moving, and getting married it was nice to sit back and relax in 2014. Yet, it wasn't all that relaxed. I started a new job, moved into a new apartment, and for a short amount of time lived 800 miles away from my husband. At times, it was hard, but every year seems to offer so much than I could have expected. I'm excited to start this new stage of my life, and to share more here on the blog. Cheers, to 2015!

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