February 17, 2014

Style: Snowy Days

Coat: J.Crew // Sweater: J.Crew // Boots: Hunter // Pants: J.Crew // Scarf: Gap (similar) // Gloves: J.Crew // Hat: J.Crew // Lips: Nars

Last week, Charlottesville received over a foot of snow. In all honesty, it was magical. It fell continuously for over 24 hours and blanketed everything in sight. I took full advantage of this snow day by making pancakes, going sledding with Will, and enjoying some homemade vegetarian chili. Once again, my J.Crew puffer coat served me well. It shielded me from the heavy snowfall and kept me so warm I was a little hot. The snow is still here, and looks like it will be for a while. It is not nearly as pretty as it originally was, but I'm still enjoying its magical appeal. 


  1. Wish it snowed in Australia. This outfit is super cute!

    Lauren xx

  2. You are absolutely stunning, girl! Love this outfit :)
    xo TJ




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