February 5, 2014

February Favorites

We made it through January! I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to make it. It seemed to stretch on forever, and seemed to get colder with each passing day. I'm not expecting it to warm up any this month (February always seems to be a little colder), but I'm excited to start shopping the new spring collections. Below are a few things I'm loving this month, with a Valentine's Day theme. 

ONE I am seriously pining for this pretty little pink dress. It may have to be my first Equipment piece. // TWO I could seriously use a new iphone case, and probably a new phone too. This floral print gives me hope for warmer days ahead. // THREE My hunter boots have given me the ability to make it through the constant winter sludge. // FOUR I'm loving the new leathers available from Clare Vivier, especially this polka dot print. // FIVE J.Crew is killing me with their latest jewelry collection. // SIX Lets not forget it is still winter. These classic black leather gloves come with free monogramming and are touch-screen capable. // SEVEN Small enough to keep in any purse. // EIGHT Perfectly lacy and supportive. // NINE The first long-lasting lipgloss I've ever liked. Plus, they come in a large array of pretty colors. // TEN Give your friends a little treat for Valentine's Day and wrap them up with these pretty tags. 

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