January 8, 2014

Resolution Time

I've had the same New Year's Resolution for the past ten years (at least): to stop biting my nails. And obviously, I have never been successful. It is a bad habit that I want to stop, but it is pretty darn addictive. So, this year I'm changing my tune about resolutions.  

Instead of making a resolution to change something I don't like about myself, I want to resolve to be more adventurous. As I'm getting older, it is easy to stay in every night making dinner and catching up on Netflix. But, I live in a region that is so full of life with local eating, outdoor sports, and historical monuments. I want to take advantage of the few years I have in Charlottesville. When I went skiing on Monday, I struggled at first. I wanted to give up and spend the rest of the afternoon in the lodge. But, Will and convinced to take a skiing lesson, and I am so glad I did. The day really turned around after that, and I went down the slop multiple times without falling. Letting go of that initial fear and being more adventurous turned into a very memorable day. I hope that I can share moments from this resolution throughout the year with you. I plan on going skiing again in a few weeks, and I'm hoping to take on a more advanced slope. Because, why not be more adventurous? 

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