July 16, 2013

In the Kitchen: Summer Vegetable Tacos

We went to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning to buy ingredients for Ratatouille, but when it was time to make dinner I wasn't in the mood. I mostly wanted guacamole, but that isn't really a meal, so we made these summer vegetable tacos to go with the gauc. This dish was new to us, but it was delicious. You could really taste each individual vegetable. Also, don't shy away from the feta, it really adds a nice kick.

Summer Vegetable Tacos

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 purple onion, diced
2 large tomatoes, diced
1 zucchini, diced
1 corn, kernels removed
1/2 red pepper, diced
1/4 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/3 cup sour cream
6-8 corn tortillas, toasted
1/4 cup crumbled feta

In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onions and cook until translucent, about 6 minutes. Add garlic and cook for another minute. Add diced tomatoes and let cook down until a thick sauce forms. Once tomato sauce is thickened add zucchini, corn, and red pepper. Allow to cook for another 5 minutes or until vegetables are cooked through. At this point add the seasonings and sour cream. Stir to combine and remove from heat. Divide vegetable mixture among tortillas and top with feta cheese.


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