June 19, 2013

Our Wedding: Reception

After the ceremony and a few pictures, the wedding party loaded onto The Trolley and headed to our reception at The Cedars. All of my nervous energy was gone, I was so giddy that I could not stop smiling. We began to process off the Trolley and Will and I were whisked away by our photographer to take our portraits (those are coming tomorrow). Guests began to trickle in around this time while drinks were being poured and h'orderves were being passed.

There was not exact theme for our reception. I wanted to let the natural beauty of The Cedars shine through, and with the help of our amazing Caterer: Mangia Bene and Florist: Tulip, the end result was beautiful. I will say, the whole evening ended up having a garden party feel. We used greenery, lush blooms in ivory and pale pink, breezy white and nude linens, and natural wood elements to tie into The Cedars rustic charm.

During cocktail hour we served various wines and beers along with two speciality cocktails: a gin based drink for me, and whiskey for Will under a giant magnolia tree in the front yard. The tree was adorned with lanterns that were lit later in the night. An antipasto and cheese platter along with caprese salad in miniature spoons were passed for easy snacking. Multiple yard games were set out front for entrainment and a dose of whimsy. We then moved into the back yard where dinner was served. We knew we wanted to serve a light meal because the chance for very warm weather was high. It was in the low 90's that day with high humidity so our planning worked out nicely. On a large table set out in the house, we surved an array of grilled vegetables, pasta with goat cheese, duck sliders, and grilled steak with chimichurri. It was so nice to be able to share our first meal outside under the trees with our friends and family.

It was at this moment that I began to feel overheated. The weight of my dress and the Mississippi heat were not playing well together. I ended up changing into my leaving dress earlier than planned. But, dancing in my airy cotton dress was a much welcomed relief. Will and I are not the best dancers (I constantly try to lead), so we were both a little nervous before stepping onto the grassy lawn. We chose As Time Goes By, by Herman Hupfeld. Our first dance was a very surreal moment. Moving across the lawn with my new husband I felt very loved, not just by him, but by everyone surrounding me. After a dance with my father, and for Will and dance with his mother, the dance floor was officially open.

I had no idea such a wild dance party was about to happen. Friends and family members crowded the dance floor for the remainder of the evening. At the end of the night, Will's brother sang Wake Up by Arcade Fire (one of our favorite bands) and we all flooded the stage. I was sweaty and probably a little disheveled looking, but I did not care at all, I was having the best time of my life.

The night ended with a sparkler send off, one of Will's only requests. I am afraid of all firework products so I was a little nervous about this plan. But, it was such a fun ending to the evening. As we ran through the path our guests created, our school song, Hotty Toddy, was cheered.

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