June 21, 2013

Our Wedding: Details

For months I fretted over the smallest details to our wedding. What color should the cocktail napkins be? How many yard games is too many? Will guests appreciate home grown herbs as their favor? It takes a lot for me to make any decision, so a lot of thought went into every aspect of our wedding. 

I know Will found it completely agonizing that I spent so much time on even the smallest detail, but I really feel like it payed off. Going into wedding planning, I knew I wanted our wedding to be a symbol of us. Fun, a little relaxed, and quirky. I felt like I had every detail planned, as well as every shot I wanted. But, some of my favorite memories for that day are things I never even planned. 

The picture our photographer took of the boys walking to the Cathedral is one of my favorites, and a complete surprise to me. That was one of the great parts of all our vendors. They really understood what we wanted. Even down to the welcome table, that I was just expecting bay leaf garland, had strategically placed roses. It was one of my favorite details of the wedding. 

The only real piece of advice I would give to other brides is to stick with what you love, and let your vendors take care of the rest. Pick people that understand your vision, and on the big day, let everything go and put it in their hands. If you trust them and give them space, your vision will turn out beautifully. 

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  1. Mea Culpa: So, um, sorry for having a garbage bag full of extra stuff/drinking an iced coffee/staring at the camera in that picture of us walking to the cathedral.



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