June 11, 2013

In the Kitchen: Iced Coffee

I am a serious coffee addict. I need at least 2 cups before I get anything done in the morning. What makes it even worse is that I am a coffee snob. I really only like the coffee Will brews every morning  in our Technivorm with the occasional cappuccino when we go out. But, on a hot summer afternoon a glass of ice coffee hits the spot like nothing else. Last summer Will was given a Chemex and it really does make the best iced coffee. We use a cold brew method to insure the best iced coffee possible. See the recipe below for details. 

Iced Coffee 

4 tablespoons coffee 
1 1/2 cups ice 
12 ounces boiled water 

First, place the filter in the top of your chemex. Lightly wet the filter so that it sticks to the chemex, you do not want it to fall in. Take filter out and remove all water that has settled at the bottom. Pour 1 1/2 cups of ice into the bottom and place filter back in chemex. Fill the filter with 4 tablespoons of fresh ground coffee. Pour boiled water over ground just until wet. Allow coffee to bloom for about a minute until water has fallen through. Then pour remainder of water. Pour coffee into highball glasses and garnish with whatever you like. Enjoy! 

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