March 20, 2013

Styling a Bar Cart

I bought my first bar cart before moving into my rental house my senior year of college. It was old, a little rickety, and cheap. But, I loved it. It sat in the corner of our dinning room and held our hand-me down glasses and cheap liquor supply. So, when Will surprised me with a new vintage bar cart for graduation I was very surprised. I still have my old bar cart, it is now yellow and holds plants on our patio. I like to think of this bar cart as it's fancy big sister. 

A bar cart is a great addition to any home. They make entertaining a breeze and add style to a possible bare wall. Styling a bar cart can seem a little intimidating, but with the right tools you can make one appeal to your sense of style. 
Place your most used items on the top shelf. For us, that is liquors (whisky, gin, vodka, tequila, and dry vermouth), citrus, bitters, and barware. This way, your liquors and barware are within easy reach for yourself and guests. Also, fresh flowers are never a bad thing when entertaining. 
I use the middle shelf to hold essential glassware. We keep two sets of lowball glasses (one monogrammed and one slightly smaller), cocktail glasses, and stemless wine glasses. All other glassware is kept in the kitchen or on the bottom shelf. 
Our bottom shelf is used for storage. Liqueurs and mixers are kept here for when needed, along with extra glasses and a wine decanter. Since this area is hard to reach, kept this shelf simple for guests. 
Lastly, when guest are over, keep fresh citrus out for drinks along with the appropriate barware. We keep a bottle opener, cocktail shaker, muddler, swizzle stick, hawthorne and mint julep strainer, and jigger on hand. Style your bar cart to your needs, they are for making your life and making a cocktail a little easier. 

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