March 12, 2013

How to: Succulent Terrarium

I have long been a fan of succulents not only because of their unique beauty, but because they are the perfect house plant: low maintenance and hard to kill. I bought this large hurricane glass from target last summer when I moving into my apartment, and it has been a great investment. It held multiple succulents last summer, christmas ornaments during the holiday season, pine cones during the first of the year, and it is back to succulents. So, with the weather warming up, it was time to ditch the pine cones and enter spring with something more seasonal. Succulents were once again the answer. Here is how to make your own.
First, find a large hurricane glass so your succulent has room to breath. I choose a tall glass with a medium width mouth. Fill the bottom of your glass with a small layer of stones and top with a thicker layer of topsoil.
Next, add your succulent to the soil. Make sure to break up with roots so the plant settles and grows properly. I choose a low lying succulent. If you choose one that grows vertically you have the risk of it growing out of your container.
Then, add another layer of stones. You want the soil to be partially covered, so that you do not suffocate the succulent.
And you are done! Make sure to water it weekly and place near light. I have mine of the coffee table in my living room, but i will probably place it outside occasionally so it can get a little more sun. Choose whichever succulent and glass speaks to you, and you will have an instant warmth to any room.

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  1. I've always wanted to make one of these... and they'd be perfect for me since I live in an apartment with no sun-facing windows, so I can't grow any proper plants indoors. I don't think succulents would mind that so much :)

    Sharon | Click Here



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