February 25, 2013

Happy Days Ahead

Our engagement photo 

Over the weekend, Will and I attend our marriage preparation counseling course. Honestly, this was something we were both dreading. Twelve hours in a church gymnasium talking about marriage with people we don't know. Just the thought of it seemed awkward and dull. We arrived Friday afternoon with little hope, but the classes turned out surprisingly well. 

We spoke of everything from finance to communication. Important issues in marriage that can be looked over when planning a wedding. As our coaches kept saying, a wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime. I know I am young, but this weekend only lead me to believe even more that Will and I are supposed to be together. 

The next few months leading up to our wedding will go quickly. I am having my first dress fitting tomorrow, and meeting with vendors will continue on over the course of the month. But, thanks to this weekend I will always remember what a wedding is really about. 

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