January 29, 2013

How to: Save the Dates

When it came to choosing save the dates for our wedding I wanted something unique. I looked at multiple sites that offered save the dates with customization, but none of them clicked with me. It was not until I discovered Antiquaria  that I found something I felt like showed off our personal style as a couple. I ended up ordering a custom stamp, and the process could not have been easier. Stamping took a little practice, but after a few times it became effortless.  

First, make sure you stamp is clean by running under warm water and drying with a towel. Grab your large ink pad, and once dry begin to lightly press ink pad onto stamp. Try to dab and then whip the inkpad across the pad. I felt this gave the most even coverage. Once the stamp is well inked, press stamp onto the center of the postcard and press firmly. Try not to move the stamp in order to not smear the ink. 

Allow to dry for at least five hours. Once dried, feel free to address and mail off! 

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